Pronovea Global HR Transformation Summit 2023

14 - 15 Jun 2023
Vienna | Physical | Online | Hybrid
The goal of the Global HR Transformation is to increase company value by fostering operational excellence and strategic impact through seamless adaptation and integration of service delivery, talent, and technology into HR strategy. It serves as the foundation for decision-making, justification, work-vision, ethical and environmental issues, etc., for more funding. Pronovea is bringing together global industry pioneers and innovators to discuss and exchange best practices and strategic insights and to collaborate to help in the digitalization of trends shaping the HR workplace, and its recruitment and retention strategies.

Topic Highlights

  • Digitalization trends shaping the HR workplace.
  • Recruitment and retention strategies for HR.
  • The impact of AI and Machine learning on HR.
  • The age value of 2023: people analysis.
  • The impact and diverse meaning on diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • How caregiver and peace-giver represent the same for a company.
  • The journey of digital transformation and its learning.
  • The work-vision on the basis of ethical and environmental issues.

Meet the experts

Pronovea has carefully gathered an expert speaker panel of leaders, directors, scholars, and innovators to outline the impact of the global HR sector on diversity, equality, and inclusion, and its challenges and opportunities. Sign up to get insights from top industries and their pioneers, innovators, and experts, and take part in various case study exhibits, optimistic panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions tailored to your specific needs

Alfred Mahringer, PhD Photo
A1 Telekom Austria AG Logo
Alfred Mahringer, PhD

A1 Telekom Austria AG

Senior Director Human Resource

Michiel van den Berg  Photo
Erste Group Bank Logo
Michiel van den Berg

Erste Group Bank

Head of Digital and Data-Driven HR

Maud Durand Photo
Meta Logo
Maud Durand


Global Change & Learning Manager

Fatima Ahmed Alawadhi Photo
Emirates Group Logo
Fatima Ahmed Alawadhi

Emirates Group

HR Manager - People Experience

Bettina Malatschnig Photo
Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH Logo
Bettina Malatschnig

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Senior Head of Human Resources

Gabriele Metz Photo
Ericsson Logo
Gabriele Metz


Global Head of Leadership Transformation

takeaways and benefits

Pronovea provides an excellent opportunity to connect and reconnect. Our summits provide you with a way of building connections and forging partnerships, as a strong network is necessary for corporate success. We bring a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping people to share ideas, make decisions, and build team relationships across industries.

what people say about us

Our relationships with our clients are the most important and valuable part of our work and what we stand for. As our clients come from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, our conferences truly take place worldwide. Senior decision-makers from all over the world meet at our summits to discuss the biggest problems facing their industry and to find viable solutions.

We at pronovea provide the market's most interactive and high-quality corporate conferences. We deliver the banking, telecom, pharma, and technology industries access to the most progressive and advanced business expertise available anywhere on the globe in one place. In order to return to their organisations with new, constructive ideas on how to advance their businesses, our clients depend on us to offer this information.