Our Speakers

Alfred Mahringer, PhD

A1 Telekom Austria AG

Senior Director Human Resource

Is workplace flexibility appropriate?

  • Strategy in building company culture.
  • How does corporate culture affect the company environment?
  • Hybrid world that involves culture and leadership.
  • Considering the dynamic workplace for the future.
Alfred Mahringer, PhD Photo A1 Telekom Austria AG Logo

Michiel van den Berg

Erste Group Bank

Head of Digital and Data-Driven HR

Digital and Data-Driven HR

  • Roadmap into the future
  • Data-driven based on business strategy and daily operations
  • Digital transformation challenges and benefits
  • Re-skilling HR and re-thinking cooperation
Michiel van den Berg  Photo Erste Group Bank Logo

Maud Durand


Global Change & Learning Manager

A holistic approach to L&D to future-proof your organisational success.

Agile, resilient, business centred, data savvy and powered by strong alliances... Or how to have a holistic approach to L&D to future-proof your organisational success?

Survival is about adapting to change, being agile and learning. That has been the case for humans for millenars, but nowadays it is crucial for individuals' career growth and for organisations to thrive in economic headwinds. L&D has a crucial part to play in that if leaders allow it.

However, L&D has to go beyond their traditional scope, think further toward change management, organisational effectiveness and development - rather than just individual one. They also need to create new alliances within and outside of the HR department, stay close to people analytics and anticipate better business needs.

This session will allow you to:

  • Identify the opportunities to go beyond L&D traditional scope.
  • Utilise people analytics and business metrics to stay close to needs and measure effectiveness.
  • Develop a strategy across the talent acquisition and talent development department to meet your company needs and retain talents.
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Fatima Ahmed Alawadhi

Emirates Group

HR Manager - People Experience

Impact of AI on recruitment

  • Navigating the current talent market: trends and challenges.
  • Strategies to improve recruitment and retention.
  • How the Emirates Group is using AI to improve efficiencies and quality of talent.
Fatima Ahmed Alawadhi Photo Emirates Group Logo

Bettina Malatschnig

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Senior Head of Human Resources

Grow your Business with OKRs.

  • OKRs - What is it?
  • OKRs - How do they work?
  • Difference between OKRs and MBO (Management by Objectives)
  • Show case - OKRs at Hutchison Drei Austria
Bettina Malatschnig Photo Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH Logo

Gabriele Metz


Global Head of Leadership Transformation

Cracking the code – driving a digital transformation through culture change.

  • Fresh approaches to driving culture change through the perspective of appreciative inquiry.
  • Practical tips for HR practitioners who need to drive change - on a large or small scale.
  • Measuring the impact of behavioral change in the organization.
Gabriele Metz Photo Ericsson Logo
The goal of the Global HR Transformation is to increase company value by fostering operational excellence and strategic impact through seamless adaptation and integration of service delivery, talent, and technology into HR strategy. It serves as the foundation for decision-making, justification, work-vision, ethical and environmental issues, etc., for more funding. Pronovea is bringing together global industry pioneers and innovators to discuss and exchange best practices and strategic insights and to collaborate to help in the digitalization of trends shaping the HR workplace, and its recruitment and retention strategies.